Abortion stops a beating heart

Georgia recently passed a beating heart bill which makes abortion illegal if the fetus has a detectable heartbeat.   Similar legislation has recently passed in other states with likely more to follow.  Ninety percent of mothers who see an ultra sound of the fetus prior to the procedure cancel the abortion.  It isn't a matter of removing tissue.  It's a matter of ending a life.  No one has the right to do that.   

Liberal States

Liberal states like New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts will most likely never pass laws that protect the unborn fetus.  Whether it is illegal or not, abortion is immoral.  Abortion is murder.  

Other Options

It is easy to understand that a minor, a victim of rape, or a person who is mentally challenged may be either unwilling or incapable of caring for and raising a child.  There are better options that abortion.  There are lots of couples right here in America who want to have a child but are incapable of reproducing.  Adoption is a legal and ethical way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.